26mm Hole Carb Spacer & Gasket Kit


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To fit most pit bikes with a 26mm opening on carbs

Hole size - 26mm

Fitting hole centres - 48mm

Fitting hole diameter - 6mm

Fitment - This item will fit most pit bikes and motorcycles / scooters with a 26mm carburettor. Including: PZ26, Molkt, Mikuni VM22, and many many more!

This is a high quality, carburettor spacer kit and acts as a vital heat shield between the manifold, and the carburettor itself by creating an air seal between the carb and the manifold this helps to ensure your engine runs well without air leaks which will effect performance.

To fit many pit bikes and dirt bikes ranging from 120cc to 170cc (Including 125cc, 140cc, 150cc, 160cc etc) and many more. Chinese, Japanese, Etc.

Easy to install, No instructions needed! Comes with everything as pictured.

The fibre gasket is used for the bottom of the inlet manifold, and the plastic gasket is used as a heat guard between the inlet manifold and the carburettor.


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