3 Function Bar Control – Kill Lights Electric Start Type 1


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This bar control has a button for your electric start (or this can be used as a horn) it also has a side/hi/low switch for your lights and engine kill switch (or this can be used as a light on/off switch)
Perfect for any enduro, street bike, off-road bike or ATV and many more.

Item type - Handlebar control - 3 function (1. Light on/off, 2. Lights side/main/high beam, 3. Electric start - can also be used as a horn if required)
Material type - Water resistant plastic.
Connector type - Plug 1 - female 2 pin connector with 2 wires, male 6 pin connector with 5 wires (see images).
Wire length -  57cm


White & Yellow - Lights on / off
Black - Lights power in
Green - Dipped headlight
Red - High headlight
Blue & Brown - Electric start (can also be used as horn)


Switch width - 35mm
Switch height - 64mm
Switch depth - 55mm

Please check the specifications above to  make sure it fits your bike and is suitable for your motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV or pit bike.

This product is a universal fitment and will fit most machines on-road and off-road that are fitted with regular 22mm handlebars but is adjustable to suit most requirements.


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