Brake Pads Rear – Type 2


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High quality standard brake pads, made to the highest standards to ensure long life and optimized stopping power.

These brake pads fit many pit bikes, motorcycles, quads, ATV's and more.

If you're running with low brake pads, then you'll not only damage the brake disks by scoring them, but the stopping performance and stopping power of your brakes will be substantially reduced.

Due to the off road nature of some bikes, brake pads can wear very fast. This is due to dirt acting like sandpaper abrasing away the softest part of the brakes, i.e. the brake pads themselves.

A spare set of brake pads is a worthy addition to anyone's spares package.
This part fits a large range of different bike models

Please check the images and specifications above to make sure it fits your pit bike, there are many variations that look very similar so be sure before ordering.


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