Dual Handlebar Control Type 5


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This dual set of left and right switches have been produced to the highest standard possible and the superiority is evident with its touch and feel.
The housing is manufactured from high quality durable ABS with durable ABS function buttons.

Functions: Light-OFF, Side, Hi/Low, Indicators, Choke lever, Horn, Engine kill switch, Engine electric start switch, headlight flasher.

The right control also has a channel for the twist throttle and a hole on the bottom for the throttle cable to be inserted (this is optional use and does not need to be used).

Fits - any 12V DC electrical system.
Material - High quality durable ABS plastic with durable ABS buttons.
Switch width - 55mm
Switch height - 67mm
Switch depth - 65mm
Cable length - Approx. 370mm
Colour - Black

Wiring Information

Right side connectors: 9 pin female, 1 male bullet, 2 female spade
Pink - Engine kill
Black/Pink - Engine kill
Red/White - Lights on/off
Yellow/Red- Lights on/off
Yellow - Lights on /off
Brown/White - Lights on/off
Yellow/Green - Horn
Black/Red - Horn
Purple - Brake switch
Red/White - Brake switch

Left side connectors: 9 pin female, 1 female bullet, 2 female spade
Blue - High/low beam
White - High/low beam
Blue/Red - High/low beam
Light Blue - High/low beam
Yellow/Red - High/low beam
Black - Clutch switch
Green/Red - Clutch switch
Brown - Horn
Black/red - Horn

Please check the specifications above to make sure it fits your motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV.
This product is a universal fitment and will fit most machines on-road and off-road that are fitted with regular 22mm handlebars.


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