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DVLA Pre-registration.

When the DVLA pre-registration is purchased, the buyer would receive a bike that has recently already been registered by the company in advance, this simply avoids waiting the 6 weeks DVLA registration process. The 6 week process also costs £80 if you wish to register the motorcycle yourself.

When the motorcycle is purchased with our DVLA pre-registration, the bike would then be supplied with a new keeper slip (V5C2) to allow the new owner to tax and insure the motorcycle and be on your way without delay. You may also use the supplied V5C2 slip to have a number plate made up whilst you wait at you local motor spares or Halfords store.

DVLA would send a new V5 log book to the new keeper within 6 weeks.

Only to be purchased by existing customers that are required to pay for the DVLA registration as part of their original motorcycle order.


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