Enduro Light Kit (Electric Start)


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Now your ride doesn't have to end when the sun goes down!

Kit comes complete with:
- KTM style headlight (E marked)
- Enduro rear light with number plate mount
- Hydraulic brake pressure switch
- Full complete wiring loom
- Key switch
- Multi-function bar control
- 12v horn
- 12v rectifier
- Cable tie kit and rubber headlight mounts
- Full installation instructions
- Suitable for electric start and kick start

This kit does not include indicators, indicator relay, 12v battery, battery tray. Please see our other versions.

This motorcycle enduro lighting kit is designed to be a simple way to provide headlights, tail/brake lights, horn, and ignition for your motorcycle. The components have universal applications and will work on almost any motorcycle with minor modifications. The kit is intended for motorcycles with existing 12v supply feed from the engine.

The motorcycle enduro lighting kit is easy to install and does not require cutting into or messing with your motorcycle’s existing wiring as this is all replaced with a whole new replacement wiring harness.

We make this kit as simple as possible for installation on your bike. This kit comes boxed with most components plugged in and the remainder of wires will be labelled up clearly to ensure you have ease fitting this set up to your bike.

NOTE: To ensure this kit can be used on your bike without modification. Your bike must have the following:

1) A 12v supply from your stator - An easy way to check this if you are not sure is by looking for two wires (usually) that are not currently in use from your engine. These are usually in the form of 1 yellow wire and 1 white wire. Or in some cases 2 yellow wires.

2) A 5 pin CDI.

If your bike does not have these as standard then your bike will need a few extra parts to run this kit of which we can provide separately if needed. In most cases this kit will fit straight on or alongside your bikes existing set up.

Please check the specifications above to make sure it fits your bike your motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV or pit bike.

NOTE*** The loom supplied with this kit is suitable for electric start bikes and will connect directly to your existing battery.

NOTE** Does not come supplied with starter solenoid or battery! - These can be purchased separately.

Q - Will this kit fit my pit bike?

A - Yes this kit will fit all pit bikes. If you have no 12v supply already (spare white/yellow wires), you will need to replace your stator for a 12v version, we can point you in the right direction for a replacement.

Q - Will this kit fit KTM, CRF or YZF 450 bikes?
A - Yes, although we have never fitted these ourselves we have sold many of these kits to customers who have fitted them to these bikes...... but as most Japanese motocross bikes do not have 5 pin CDI's, its just a case of leaving your existing wiring on your bike to run it as normal and running our light kit alongside it separately. just connect our loom to your bikes two charging/stator wires and this will keep the battery charged and your lights bright.

Q - Can I run this kit on my bike even if I don't have the 2 charging stator wires on my bike?
A - Yes, This kit when supplied with a battery is tested by ourselves in the box without even being fitted to a bike! remember, batteries do not last forever so you would need to recharge your 12v battery regularly and if used in this way we would recommend replacing the standard 12v lead battery with a Lithium or Li-Po type battery for longer life.


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