Hand Guards Reinforced White 22mm/28mm Type 2


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Pair of reinforced aluminium hand guards

These alloy handguards are made from durable plastic moulded around a solid aluminium bar.

These handguards are solid enough to take a good few blows from rocks/stones/debris, whilst keeping your hand safe and well-hidden.

Easy to install, simply insert handguard spacers into the end of your handlebar & tighten. As you tighten, the spacer expands inside your handlebar & becomes tight, locking the handguards into position.


Made from ABS high impact plastic moulded around a solid aluminium bar

All fitting hardware included

Mounts to 22mm & 28mm handlebars with internal handlebar diameter between 12mm & 17mm

Colour: WHITE

N.B. Before buying them, please make sure that your motorcycle has hollow handlebars to allow its fittings to be inserted.


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