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Want to install hazards on your motorcycle? then this is the switch that does it with ease.

Simply attach a wire form your flasher relay to the switches middle wire, then run the left and right wire to your left and right indicators, simple as that!

Material : Plastic
Colour: Black with red button
Size: 43mm x 23mm x 10mm
Cut out hole size required: 18mm x 11mm
Wire Length: Approx 130mm

Works on any 12v DC electrical system.

Universal application to fit most motorcycles

Middle wire - power in from relay
Left and right wire - power out to indicators

When the button is in off position, all contacts are broken, this will prevent the bridging of left and right indicators when in normal turning left and right use (a problem you would have if using a standard on/off switch).

We also sell relays should you require a separate one, this may be needed if you require the hazards to work with the ignition off, you can wire the new relay direct from your battery live.


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