Ignition Coil – Orange


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Racing specification coil to upgrade or replace on GY6 Motorcycles and Scooter vehicles with a two pin coil. Single bolt fitment means hassle free and no instruction is needed to upgrade or replace.

This coil is designed to increase the firing speed and electrical pulse passed to the spark plug to improve combustion from standard coils.

Wire length - 370mm (+/- 20mm)
Fitment - 2 spade connectors - to fit GY6 motorcycle engines.
To fit many motorcycles ranging from 50cc - 250cc  (these are designed with GY6 engines in mind but will fit many other bikes).

Easy to install with no instruction required (plug & play)

Please check images against your current part for compatibility, typically used for bikes and motorised vehicles between 50cc and 150cc.

Please check that your bike accepts a two pin (spade) connection and fitment before purchase.


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