Loctite 243 – Thread Lock – Medium Strength – 50ml


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Benefits of Using LOCTITE® Threadlockers

  • Locks mating metal threads to prevent loosening from vibration and shock
  • Seals against fluids and corrosion
  • Provides lubricity to achieve controlled torque during assembly
  • Prevents galling and seizing for reliable disassembly
  • A threadlocker is a single component liquid or semi-solid adhesive. They cure at room temperature to a hard solid thermoset plastic when applied between steel, aluminium, brass and most other metal surfaces. They cure in the absence of air. The adhesive completely fills the gaps between mating threads to lock threads and joints.

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LOCTITE® 243 is a medium strength blue threadlocking adhesive that seals and secures metal nuts and bolts to prevent loosening due to shock and vibration.
LOCTITE® 243 is a general purpose threadlocker that provides a medium strength bond. LOCTITE 243 works on all metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium and plated surfaces. It is proven to be tolerant of minor contamination due to industrial oils, e.g., motor oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluid.

  • Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies, e.g. pumps, gear boxes or presses
  • Works on all metals, including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, plated surfaces)
  • Proven to tolerate minor contamination by industrial oils, e.g. engine oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids
  • Permits disassembly with hand tools for servicing
  • P1 NSF Reg. No.: 123000

Q: If anaerobics cure in the absence of air, how come they don't cure in the sealed bottle?
A: The anaerobic bottles are specially formulated oxygen-permeable polyethylene bottles that allow air to pass through the wall of the bottle to maintain stability of the liquid product inside the container. The bottle is also not filled to the top for stability purposes. A 10 ml bottle does indeed contain 10 ml's of product in a larger bottle, and a 50ml bottle does indeed contain 50ml's of product in a larger bottle.


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