PE28 Carburettor – Cable Choke


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PE28 Carb. Suitable for 160cc to 250 4-stroke engines.

PE series round slide carburettors include a large selection of bore sizes for increased fuel mixture flow to match engine modifications, A wide range of tuning components are available to allow precise fuel mixture, A great tuning modification of carburettors.

Ideal upgrade for increased power and performance.

Round type intake.

Carb type - PE28 (cable operated choke)

Main jet size - #135

Pilot jet size - #40

Outside diameter on the port to the motor - 35mm

Inner diameter hole size on the port to the motor - 28.5mm

Venturi diameter - 28mm

Throttle valve - 3.0

Needle valve - 3.0

Please note: Your air filter will need to have a 49mm opening.

Overflow pipes included.


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