Rectifier Regulator 12v – Full Wave


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Black universal 4 pin regulator rectifier

Universal 4 pin full wave rectifier & 12V DC regulator, suitable for 50cc to 200cc engines.

Full wave rectifiers have some fundamental advantages over their half wave rectifier counterparts. The average (DC) output voltage is higher than for half wave, the output of the full wave rectifier has much less ripple than that of the half wave rectifier producing a smoother output waveform.

Fits most 4-stroke pit bikes, monkey bikes, scooters, quad bikes, go-kart engines and more. Will work with kick or electric start engines, with or without a battery!

Combined regulator rectifier units convert the fluctuating AC voltage coming from your alternator/magneto/stator into 12 volts DC. Allowing you to run your DC electrics and charge your battery, all in one unit!

Swap out your old unit or even convert an old two part system. With just 4 wires, you can finally simplify your bikes electrics.

Want to get rid of some weight? Take out your battery and power your electrics straight from your stator coils with this complete 12V regulator rectifier.

Specifications for black 4 pin full wave regulator rectifier unit -

Type - single phase 4 pin regulator rectifier unit
Rectification - Full wave (positive full cycle)
Overall length - 77mm
Overall width - 50mm
Overall depth - 25mm
Colour - Black
Engine capacity range - 50cc to 200cc engines
Connector type - 4 pin, 6.4mm motorcycle connector pins

Easy to install - no instructions required

Package includes: 1 x 4 pin regulator rectifier unit

4 pin regulator rectifier is suitable for...

Most pit bikes, Monkey bikes, Quad bikes/ATVs, Scooters, Go-karts and more....


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