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High-specification 12v spark plug cap.

This is a high-quality specification spark plug cap, designed to give reliable firing speeds and electrical pulses passed to the spark plug for combustion.

To fit many motorcycles ranging from 50cc and above

Easy to install, simply screw onto the ignition coil wire.

Please check the specifications, these will fit most motorcycles, dirt bikes ATVs or pit bikes.


If you suspect your spark plug cap might be faulty and want to test it before ordering a replacement, here's a quick guide:

**Spark Connection Continuity: (Spark Connection Continuity)**
- Set your multimeter to 20KΩ.
- Touch one test probe to the screw where the cable would connect and the other to the terminal that clips onto the spark plug spark plug inside the spark plug cap.
- A reading below 10K ohms indicates the component is functioning correctly. If the reading is above this or not registering at all, assume the component is not functioning correctly.

By following these steps, you can confidently diagnose your spark plug cap condition before making a purchase.


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