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12v LED Speedometer

This speedometer is an all-in-one device. With an anti-glare display. Forged in a rugged sealed casing which is suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Featuring backlight for use at night or in dark conditions.

Speed display (mph or km/h)
Trip/total distance
Neutral light
Turn signal lights
High beam light
Low beam light
Rev counter
Battery voltage
Pre-programed wheel sizes (See FAQ below for instructions)

Technical data:
Unit dimensions: 139 x 44 x 36 mm (length x width x height)
Sensor wire length: 850mm
Unit mount bolts: 16mm total length, 70mm centres (M6 x 7.5mm thread length, 8mm diameter x 8.5mm shaft)
Plug 1: 3 wires for wheels speed sensor
Plug 2: 8 wires for 12v power, ground, turn signal, neutral, high beam, rev counter

Sensor and wire
4x neodymium brake disc magnets (fits into brake disc allen bolt head or drilled/glued into disc)
Sensor bracket

This speedometer will fit direct on the enduro light kits that we sell (plug & play), they may also be custom modified to fit many other enduro bikes and other motorcycles etc.


Q. Can I fit as a speedometer for a KTM bike?

A. Yes this may be used as a universal fitment to mot motorcycles with a 12v power supply. To wire it  for a speedometer only, simply connect power to the 12v feed wire and ground the earth wire to power the unit, then install your wheel speed sensor near your brake disc, insert the 4 brake disc magnets that are provided away you go.

Q. How do I change the pre-programed wheel settings?

A. Hold the button down then turn the speedometer on. The wheel program will then flash (Example program "P-14"). When flashing, release the button. Press the button to cycle to desired program. Once selected, simply wait and the speedometer will reset on its own. Remember you are selecting the wheel size for the wheel your speedometer sensor is connected to.

Colours and specification may be subject to change without notice.


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